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What to do before you put your house on the market

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are ready to sell your home but don’t know what to do before putting it on the market? It’s understandable if the answer is yes. There is an overwhelming list of things to do before placing your house on the market as a seller. There are minor fixes that will make a big difference in the sale price, and there are significant renovations that the house may need for future buyers. You can’t overlook any detail when it comes to selling your home. These minor fixes amount to many things that need to be done before you put your house on the market. This blog post will talk about some of the more critical tasks to make sure you get done before listing your home with a real estate agent.

These include:
  1. Declutter your home:

What to do before you put your house on the market

You should first do this before putting your home on the market to declutter and organize it. Most buyers won’t walk into a house that looks like a hoarder lives there. A cluttered space can be described as messy, disorganized, and lacking in storage space. It can also make your house appear smaller than it is. By decluttering your home, you will eliminate the need for storage space and give buyers a clearer picture of what they are walking into.

  1. Clean your house:

Decluttering is not enough; You must clean and clear out any and every surface point of focus and attention in your home. Use an excellent deodorizer to remove odor, make sure your windows have no stains. Clean up the house, including scrubbing away all dirt and dust from surfaces or vacuuming carpets, hang up or put away any clothes, make sure your closets are clean and organized. Clean the mats using a carpet cleaner or rent an industrial-sized machine to do it yourself. It would be best if you also got rid of anything that’s broken. If you’ve meant to do some home improvement projects, this is an excellent time to start them. Fix the doors that stick, replace light fixtures and outlets that don’t work, replace fresh baseboards, and amend things that may add to the houses’ market value.

  1. dress your walls and floors:

What to do before you put your house on the market

Touch up paint in areas where it has faded or peeled off. Repair any holes in the wall or ceiling and paint them with a light color to make them blend in. Paint walls or repaint them if needed – remember to use neutral colors because these are easier to match with another decor than bold colors might be. If you prefer a more drastic change when selling your house, paint the walls white or off-white color. If you want to keep the walls as they are, a fresh coat of paint in a neutral color will not do any harm. Instead, it will make the rooms look brighter and more prominent. Also, remember to caulk around the baseboards and switch plates, clean carpets (if you have any), and vacuum or shampoo them regularly.

  1. Mend the floors:

Repair any uneven gaps in the floor, smoothen the surface, and leave a thin layer of polyurethane to give it a shine. Carpets, floor tiles, and hardwood floors need to be clean. Remove any furniture from the living room and clean the floor thoroughly; then use a mop to damp, wipe or spray with a cleaning solution for varnished floors. Wash hardwood and tile floors: Washing all the grime and dirt from hardwood floors will not only make them look shiny and new, but it will also help get rid of any scuff marks. Clean tile flooring the same way.

  1. Make minor repairs:

Take a walk around your home and note any repairs that need to be done. Now is a better time than never to do those minor repairs you have meant to get around to fixing. For example, get the broken ceiling fan fixed or fix that loose doorknob rattle. Make sure your home is in tip-top condition by doing these minor fixes.

It’s time to make those minor repairs that you might have put off for years; it will add value to your home before you are ready to sell. For example, a fresh coat of paint, replacing light fixtures, and repairing broken fans or cracked sinks. If it looks nice on the outside, it will feel nice and clean on the inside.

When you are ready to put your house on the market as Nora Springs Iowa homes for sale, ensure that you Repair appliances and all devices work properly. If a refrigerator is broken or the stove doesn’t heat up when trying to cook food, potential buyers may think that something else in the house isn’t working either, and they may not even want to bother making an offer.

  1. Shine the glass windows:

Wash all of the windows inside and out, so they sparkle when you walk by. Replacing windows or having them washed can make your home look much newer and expand its energy efficiency. In addition, it allows a buyer to feel like it’s worth the investment in energy costs associated with new windows. If you are looking for some extra cash, this is an excellent option as well.

  1. Leaks and waterpipes:

Fix anything that water leaks might have damaged – replace broken tiles, fix a leaky faucet, etc.: leaky basins and taps are noticeable and quite a turn-off. They are the indicators of the age of the house and display the pipeworks in your place overall. You must repair and replace the pipes that are a nuisance and look old to increase the appeal of your home—leaky faucets or drippy sinks in your kitchen, damaged floor tiles, or countertops. Also, consider painting cabinets and replacing old appliances. Most kitchen renovations are expensive, so this will help boost your sale price and add value to your home when you are ready to sell.

  1. Landscape your yard:

    Update landscaping to give potential buyers a sense of what they can do with the space. Your front and back yards are the first things buyers see when looking at a house. If you have dead trees, overgrown hedges, or ugly lawn furniture in the yard, it will make you less likely to attract people to come and look at your home. Make sure your yard is well maintained, and there are no dead plants.


If you’re looking for an easy way to make your home more inviting, try one or all of these changes. You’ll be surprised at how much a few simple updates can do!


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