Heidi Uuranniemi on Why Real Estate Professionals Should Use Drones to Promote New Properties

Heidi Uuranniemi on Why Real Estate Professionals Should Use Drones to Promote New Properties

Real estate brokers need to take advantage of the latest innovations in technology to serve their clients better, or they run the risk of being left behind, notes Heidi Uuranniemi.

There is a lot of leg work when it comes to showing real estate properties to potential buyers. But these days, there is plenty of work to be done in the sky as well, as noted by real estate professional Heidi Uuranniemi.

So the next time you see or hear a drone overhead, it might not be a hobbyist getting a better view of his or her neighborhood. It very well could be a real estate agent who is trying to make the most out of this surveillance technology.

Drones Overhead Can Mean More Efficient Closings on Real Estate Transactions, Per Heidi Uuranniemi

Heidi Uuranniemi is an attorney and real estate broker who resides and works in Boca Raton, FL. She makes a point of learning about her clients’ wants and needs, as any good professional will do. Uuranniemi knew that when she first saw drones being used in real estate, it would be an excellent tool to promote.

If your idea of drones is that they are merely noisy toys for tech-minded people, you’ll want to adjust your viewpoint. Drones, it turns out, can be serious tools for professionals in the real estate industry.

The National Association of Realtors noted that drones allow professionals to showcase outstanding features, such as a cathedral ceiling. You can even use small drones inside a property for indoor footage. It speeds up the process of showing off all the good things at the location you’re working to sell.

Typically, real estate professionals will use drones to capture as many as ten aerial glamour shots of the property in question, with one point of view from about 70 feet above the corner to face the main structure being ideal, noted a report from Dart Drones.

The use of drones should continue to grow since there are so many benefits to having an eye in the sky when trying to sell properties.

A View From Above Can Mean Faster and More Lucrative Sales for Real Estate Pros

Heidi Uuranniemi wants to underscore the idea that there is more work to do than just launching a drone into the sky for your real estate business. The effort is not automatic—you’ll need to steer the drone or learn to program a destination for the drone to navigate to based on GPS signals and onboard maps. If you lack experience with drones, it’s best to partner with a friend or colleague who has flown drones before.

Or a salesperson at your local store can be of assistance if you’re not buying your drone online. Of course, you can find instructional videos on how to handle drones and to make the best use of them when flying over real estate properties that you are preparing to sell.

Once you have learned the basics of how to control a drone, such as to make it hover in place at a fixed distance above the property or how to gently glide into the area with a dramatic first look at the building, you’ll have more confidence in using this technology for even better points of view. This can lead to closing deals faster since a view from above can help clinch a sale from someone who might be wavering.

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