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Door mats made from coir are a sustainable choice for home decor. Coir is a natural fibre extracted from the husk of a coconut. Being crafted from natural fibres, coir doormats are sustainable, hard-wearing, durable over time and, depending on the design, weather resistant. Coir doormats are now available with non-slip backing, that will ensure that you can place them on shiny tiles and marbles. Also, whether you own your home or rent it, doormats are the more economical upgrade for transforming your abode. The impact a doormat can have shouldn’t be underestimated as it serves the dual purpose of cleaning your footwear and adding a pop of texture or colour to your home. Be it heavily soiled shoes or wet slippers, a coir doormat will absorb it all to keep your rooms free of dirt. Check out our recommendations of coir doormats you can pick for your home:

This doormat features a sturdy rubber border on all sides that adds both the aesthetics and strength to it. The doormat is an elegant welcome mat that is made from brushed coir moulded onto natural rubber which easily scrapes off whatever is on the bottom of your footwear.

This coir doormat is designed to take off dirt, grit, mud, and moisture from the shoes keeping away the daily mess that can enter your home.


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Elegantly crafted in an horizontal shape and printed with a floral print and ‘welcome’ print, this doormat will certainly add appeal to your front door. The door mat is excellent for entry points from the garden, pool and any outdoor space. This doormat will showcase exceptional its exceptional endurance and scrapping properties while being intact even after years of usage.

The back of the doormat is constructed from PVC, a combination of plastic and rubber which will offer outstanding weight-bearing capacity and will withstand intense weather and physical changes.

This doormat is perfect for adding a warmth and detail to your frontdoor. The doormat will also be great for placement in between indoor and outdoor spaces. This coir doormat is eco-friendly, odourless and free of toxic chemicals.

The material of the doormat will easily capture moisture, dirt, and other particles.

This doormat will effectively prevent dirt, debris, grit, snow, mud or grass from spoiling your floors and getting transferred to the floor of your home. It will also help in keeping floors clean and free from damage. This shoe printed doormat offers great look and perfectly suits for main door, bedroom, entrance, etc.

Natural coconut fibers enhance beauty and offer superior cleaning performance.

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